... by stealing an old meme from the aptly named [personal profile] meme.

Post the first sentence of the last ten stories you've written.

1. When Manfred von Karma first spoke to Miles Edgeworth, his father’s murderer had already walked off scot-free.
2. When Adrian Andrews had embarked on her drive to the airport some six hours previously, the roads had been clear and the skies even more so.
3. Klavier Gavin’s parents are getting divorced.
4. I've never visited Paris before now; some might find it strange, considering how well travelled I am, and the city's relatively close proximity to my homeland of Germany, but I've always been a very busy woman and there had simply never been any time in my life to take a holiday.
5. It’s almost midnight, and Akihiko can tell that Mitsuru is agitated when she leaves her room to come sit in the lounge; she’s usually studying – that’s why she’s top of the class.
6. Mr. Kristoph Gavin is often considered the best defense attorney in the West.
7. It was a cliché, but young Franziska von Karma saw dead people.
8. Lana had always been told that she had a friendly disposition; that it, along with her determination, her beauty and her intelligence, would get her everything she ever wanted in life, that the world was her oyster.
9. Calisto’s come to Grossberg’s law offices to deal with a matter of business.
10. Trucy didn’t like to admit it, but she still had nightmares almost every night.

Jeezy creezy, some of this stuff is old. In other news, I guess we've established that I like to immediately establish my characters, which is a strange quirk I hadn't noticed before.

Gonna do a 2011 round up either tomorrow or over the weekend. It's gonna be good. And deep and shit. I hope. Just like the old days!

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